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Codex Vitae 2024

A documentation of my beliefs in the year 2024

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Rules to Live By

Nothing is more important than the love, protection, nurture and safety of my child.

Ownership of actions.

Responsibility for actions taken.

Confidence through actions.

I will be grateful for each day of my life.

I will do what needs to be done.

I will be honest and direct.

I will admit my mistakes and learn from them.

I will not forget the shortness of life.

I will forgive.


I owe myself and my close ones my own good health.

Reject alcohol.

Mental Health

A healthy body without a healthy mind is a mere shell.

I will resist temptation, I will strengthen and discipline mind.

I will keep my mind pure and clear.

Do not fear anxiety - it's a call for action. Act upon it.

Self-desception and wishful thinking degrade one's mind.


If you love someone and you feel they're the one – marry them.

Don't keep anything away from your loved one.

Don't take the love of your close ones for granted.

Appreciate the sacrifices done for yourself.

Everyday life

If your able to save the life of an animal – do so.

Never make fun of people in need.

Don't boast with any type of wealth. You can't take any of it in the grave.

Don't be ashamed to share who you are and where are you from.