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Codex Vitae 2020

A brief documentation of my beliefs in the year 2020

Codex Vitae 2019

Rules to Live By

I should read and write more.

I should always engage with life through common sense and logic.

I should be grateful for each day of my life.

I should be honest and direct. NEW

I should remind myself of the shortness of life.

I should never self-pity myself.

I should remind myself about all the sacrifice done just so I could be in the position I'm in.

I should spend meaningful time with my family.

I should be brave and have ownership of all my actions

I should have an open mind and a warm heart.

I should admit my mistakes and learn from them.

I should keep my ego in check through clarity and self-awareness.

I should help my close ones and expect nothing in return.

I should listen more and talk less.

I should focus on myself and my development

I should always strive to improve the security to the lives of my loved ones.

I should not spend all of my time in comfort, since comfort leads to stagnation.

I should protect myself from overworking. Burnout is a very serious thing.

I should care for my own personal life more than anyone's other.

I should keep myself sane through solitude, clear thinking and the limiation of information.


Regular exercise is vital to one's physical and mental health.

Time spent in nature precious.

"Healthy" living can easily become unhealthy. I should be very careful.

I should move every single day. Lack of mobility is a slow killer.

Physical pain could teach one resilience and mental strength, yet should not be ignored.

Combat sports are great for building a more disciplined life.

Sugar is unhealthy and I should keep myself in check.

Stress management and stress reduction play a vital role in one's longevity.

Sleep plays the most crucial role in one's longevity.

Mental Health

If one lacks purpose, they'll experience inner turmoil.

Mental resilience can be self-taught, yet it always has it's limits.

Self-desception and wishful thinking corose our mental health.


Mindfulness meditation is helpful, yet not crucial in the path of self-discovery.

Journaling allows us to look inwards and gives us a clear perspective for ourselves.

Kindness towards ourselves allows us to strip away our ego and understand what and who we are at that moment.

While difficult to accept at first glance, lovingkindness meditation works.


Our brains are not adapted for the current technology that we produce and consume.

Due to the rapid advancement of our technology, we need to protect ourselves of informational overload on a daily basis.

Technology raises the living standard of most humans.

Most of the current tech is extremely addictive and anti-human.


You never win with yelling. You only lose from it.

Relationships are like muscle fibre – once broken, they could heal, but they'll never going to be the same.

If you love someone dearly and you know they're the one – marry them.

Family heritage runs deeply in each and everyone of us and we should respect it.

Don't keep anything away from your loved one.

Show your gratefulness towards your loved one each and every day.

Treat your loved one's family as yours.

Toxic relationships kills. If you discovers such signs – leave.

Always aim for equality.

Spend more time with your loved ones, because none of us lives forever.

Everyday life

Don't tolerate laziness.

There is no shame in honest work.

Always smile back to children.

Always respect someone's uniform.

Aim to help the elderly. Never turn down a request for help from seniors. You'll become one soon.

Respect your origins, remember your history, never become fantasised.

If your able to save the life of an animal without gravely endangering yours, always do it.

Give back to the ones in need.

Never disrespect anyones beliefs, if they're not doing any harm to anyone.

Never make fun of people in need.

Always give up your seat to those in need.

Don't chew with your mouth open.

Don't boast with any type of wealth. You can't take any of it in the grave.

Don't be ashamed to share who you are and where are you from.