About me

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria - an interesting city, in an interesting country being a part of a very specific region of Europe. I was lucky enough to have an adventure-filled childhood full of bike rides, tree climbing, comic book drawing and being genuinely mischievous. In my teens, I was extraordinarily good at Call of Duty, was listening to angsty music, had greesy long hair and I discovered the world of design. I cut the hair, cut the angsty music, yet did not cut my passion for design. Hence why I'm still pushing pixels with love and passion.

Today, I'm living with my best friend, which happens to be my fiancee wife as well. We're surrounded by our 75 plants and in our household, I'm the one responsible for brewing our coffee and taking the film photos. In my spare time, I aim to spend more time in nature. Either I hike, walk around in the local forests or shred some trails with my mountain bike, I thoroughly enjoy the smell of pines and leaves around me. When I'm at home, I usually lift weights, read, write and really focus on the craft of coffee brewing.

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Work experience


April 2019 - Present

Working as a Product Desginer responsible for the Staff Experience and Internal tool for Toptal staff.

MarketVision Consulting Group

August 2018 - April 2019

Created the mobile design systems for both iOS and Android for Prüvit.Re-designed the Desktop component system for Prüvit.Focused on complex UX research, metric based analytics for better usability, user centred design and business solutions.Through UX research, we increased the user retention on Android with more than 60% even when the user base was doubling. Through user path restructuring we increased the though-app purchases with 15% in the past 6 months. Wrote Web/UI copy for both mobile and desktop apps.


January 2018 - August 2018

In eAssist I have the abilit lh-copyy to work on a rich variety of digital projects. Since eAssist is a business process outsourcing company, I was able to work on designs for data analytics businesses to complex dashboard designs and marketing-driven websites.


May 2017 - Present

My main focus is the design an lh-copyd maintanence of the component design systems for the mobile applications (Both iOS and Android). In here I had the opportunity to work in an iteration heavy process with a lot of user experience cases to solve. 🤫


Apr 2017 - April 2018

Canbrowser is a privat lh-copye initiative to support the CAN industry with the best software available. It's an extremely complex system that I had the honor to re-design. canbrowser.com


Juy 2016 - November 2016

While working in Noxoious.one I had the opportunity to work on CMS-orientated designs and a lot of designs for mobile apps. There was a lot of wireframing, prototyping and ideation. noxious.one


August 2015 - December 2015

Designed graphic design materials like badges and posters for HealthXL for one of the largest healthcare events in Europe. Worked on website for one of the biggest software development companies in Bulgaria - www.obecto.com


December 2014 - April 2015

Designed the biggest Cinema eCommerce website in Bulgaria - https://www.kinoarena.com.
Worked on various eCommerce projects for leading brands in Bulgaria.
Stenik Group