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The journey to the first blog post 🚀


Hey, just a quick introduction. I’ve always wanted to write and share my thoughts with others, but I never dared to do it. Well, the time has come, so I’ll be happy if you spend 5 minutes of your day to check out this messy, yet personal initial post that I wrote. Thanks in advance 💛

This is my actual first blog post 😱

The beginning 🐣

At the age of 14, my journey in the creative fields began. My amazing parents sent my butt to a private vocational I was introduced to “Poster Design” at the age of 16, and I got hooked up. I started reading books about graphic design like “Thinking with Type,” “Grid Systems in Graphic Design,” “Complete Graphic Design” and many more. It’s funny, thinking that five years ago I thought that learning how to be a proper graphic designer was in a matter of months. At the age of 17, I started my ” freelancing career.” By that, I mean that I was creating flyers and posters for everything, mainly in websites like freelancer.com and oDesk. It was weird that I even landed any projects. They were beyond unacceptable since I had no idea what was I doing. On the other side, I wasn’t getting paid a lot as well - around $3-5 a poster. Yeah, well everybody starts from somewhere. 🤷‍

The views of an 18-year-old 🎓

Fast forward two years after that. After graduating school, I went to study graphic design in “New Bulgarian University.” To be frank, back then I used to value Graphic design and Illustration more than anything. In general, I was visual. My primary interest was arts, I was attending painting classes and from time to time travel to see famous works from great authors. Probably you’re asking yourself why am I writing this? Well, everything is going to make sense in a bit.

Being honest 😔

The truth is this - I used to dislike, disrespect and to devalue everything related to web design. In my eyes that was not “artistic” enough, that it was “nerdy” (I’m still cringing from what I used to generate in my head, honestly), that it had nothing creative in it; therefore it is not worthy for me. (Can you believe it. Ah, I’ll write a blog post about my views about ego in junior and undergrad designers, from my junior perspective.) Everything changed when I met one of the closest friends of mine (back then, through my eyes, overly-motivated douche, that though he’s better than the others - and in my eyes that was me ((I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right - I was a douchebag myself. ))

Work hard not impractical 🤔💯

So with time, my friend and I got closer, and we started working together. What I mean by working was taking our laptops (I was working on my old mom’s Lenovo T400 🐢) and going for two-three day sleepovers, grinding 99design contests all day-all night. Trust me, and it was incredibly idiotic. The thing I regret is the lack of any healthiness in this process. It was ridiculous. We used to drink ton-load of energy drinks, eat a lot of fast-carbs and force each other to stay awake and work. Ridiculous. One of my strongest beliefs is that you can skip anything, but sleep. And I’m happy that for now, I’m keeping strict 7:30-8hrs of sleep a night. By the way, check out this article here.

How I made the turn 🖌 ➔ 🖥 📐

If you’re still following along, my buddy was into web design for a long time. Back then both of us were 19 years old, and he was doing web design for almost six years. He was (and still is) really into it. One day he reached out with an offer - “We have to design the UI of an antivirus app. I don’t have the time so you could help me out.” At the time I had no client work at all, being hella broke, working on a Lenovo T400 with 256mb’s of RAM, I thought “It’s not going to hurt, and I can earn some cash from it.” Was I wrong or what. I earned around 50 leva (that would be approximately $30), almost got in a physical fight with my friend and a cold serving of 24 hours no-sleep. And from there it all started.

The aftermath 🤕👌

Right now, June 10th, as I’m writing this post, I’m trying to finish a massive project related to CAN technologies, set a visual style for a mobile app with Diana (she’s my partner in crime) and develop a design system for a company based in Germany. I’m feeling more self-aware, since I can acknowledge my current state as a professional, my goals are set, so with time, everything will come together. And let’s not forget to say thanks, to the senior designers helping me out when I’m stuck. You guys are great!